Today it is possible with the products and professional equipment of Tan me, brand of SHORT CHANNEL s.r.l.
Specific solutions tailored to each environment and beauty professional.

Today one of the secrets of the great glamorous cult is available for those who want to provide a complete and exclusive service to their customers or implement their own solarium with this technology that can replace UVA rays but also complete a traditional tanning session. The innovative formulation, without parabens and Aloe, in addition to being a bronzer is also moisturizing, for an even more velvety and naturally golden effect.

NEW FORMULA: Without Parabens and without Aloe
A revolutionary tanning system for natural substances such as: DHA, vitamins A, C, E and water. The solution is PARABEN FREE and has no toxicity or contraindication, today it has been improved thanks to the discovery of an innovative natural principle which, combined with DHA, eliminates all the old problems of yellow / orange variations and spots, which DHA per se prefers, with a double advantage: to make the color effect brighter and to provide a surplus of hydration to the epidermis. The new formula, produced in Italy, gives a golden and intense color like the sun in the Caribbean after 3 days and lasts 5 to 7 days.

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